Jean-Michel Othoniel

L’In Noir




Size: H:11000 x W:5500 x D: mm

Material:Glass, Stainless Steel

Project : Otemachi Financial City Grand Cube

Message from the Artist
By spreading the installation over this great glass architecture, the work creates a sensual and colorful membrane, a kind of moucharabieh (window with lattice work) that diffracts light between the exterior and the interior of the building. It also takes an aquatic dimension here by falling in front of the façade like a waterfall. The splashes of the scintillating pearls echo a gushing spring, a fountain of youth crystallized in the glass. For several years, I have been inspired by the forms of the Borromean knots, so L’In Noir is part of this great series borrowed from the psychoanalist Jacques Lacan. It is for me a representation of the unconsciousness in the public space and at the same time an intimate mirror that indicates the vertigo in each of us. This representation of the infinite in a spiral of glass beads is addressed to all offering a support to contemplation and meditation.


Photo by : Daishi Saito