『Anish Kapoor in Matsukawa Box』


Anish Kapoor in Matsukawa Box
Date: 2023.09.20(Wed) - 2024.03.29(Fri)
Place: Matsukawa Box
Address: 2-14-15 Nishiwaseda,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo
Exhibition cooperation:Anish Kapoor Studio
Logo design:Katsumi Asaba
Artistic Director:Toshio Shimizu
Managing Director:Midori Sakata



In times of change, a mixture of genres occurs and new values are born. ” THE MIRROR” appeared in Ginza in the fall of 2014 as a proposal for a creative museum, with the aim of creating a venue for the creation of various humanities and arts, including art, design, literature, and science, in an entire building constructed around 1940 that survived the war. For details, please refer to the book 《THE MIRROR A New Vision for Creative Museum A Proposal for a Creative Museum》.
“THE MIRROR in Matsukawa Box” was created to carry on that spirit. We hope to use the legendary Matsukawa Box as a venue for events that span a variety of fields, with a focus on contemporary art. The name “THE MIRROR” is derived from a line in Shakespeare’s Hamlet: to hold as ’twere the Mirror up to nature. 
The name “THE MIRROR” is a wish to hold as ’twere the Mirror up to nature.
《Anish Kapoor’s artwork
This exhibition is to really “look” the works.
The word “look” here means to transcend the visual and to “look” beyond the realm of the visual. This is because Anish Kapoor’s works demand it.
There are two possible approaches to “look” Anish Kapoor’s works.
One is to “look” the work as material. Anish Kapoor has struggled with materials.
We can see this struggle in the overflowing amount of paint here.
The second is to “look” the invisible space beyond the skin (what Anish Kapoor calls the surface) that surrounds the material, and the effect of the skin on the surrounding environment. 
Please think about the space projected by the stainless steel sculpture, the skin of the painting, and the cracks beyond the skin.


photo_by:Toshihide Kajihara