EMPATHY Art,Gender and Politics


エンパシー ージェンダー、アート、ポリティクスー
Place:fujikawa gallery/next,Osaka

Yoshiko Shimada (Japan), Ahlam Shibli (Israeli Palestinian), Reviva Regev (Israel), Tamar Raban (Israel), Faten Nastas(Palestine Authority), Suher Ismael (Palestine Authority), Mariella Mosler (Germany), Andrea Zaumseil(Germany)

Exhibition Director: Toshio Shimizu
Exhibition Curator: Reviva Regev, Toshio Shimizu

Empathy= To put oneself into the place of another, into another situation. The exhibition aimed to communicate the concept of Empathy as expressed by the female participating artists from four different cultures. The artists are from Israel, Palestine, Germany, and Japan.

“EMPATHY” Symposium/special Event in Kyoto, Japan

“EMPATHY” Symposium at Ritsumeikan University 28 June, 2002
“EMPATHY” Symposium at Kyoto-Seika University 27 June, 2002

Special event in Tokyo, Japan

Performance : Tamar Raban (Israel) and Exhibition: Ahlam Shibli (Israeli Palestinian) 29 June, 2002 at Plaza Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

“EMPATHY” Lecture
30 June, 2002
at Bigakko, Tokyo, Japan