Daniel Buren

À partir de la grande porte, tout le parvis: travail in situ Tokyo 2015/2016


Artist:Daniel Buren


Material: Stainless Steel, Marble

Project: Otemachi Financial City Grand Cube

Message from the Artist
Everything starts with the concept of installing right in the main entrance of the building a kind of an open door, sort of double portico, in the axis of the entrance door of the building into the big hall. From the position and placement of this double portico, using the 4 feet of that structure as points of departure, I traced a large square grid taking the total given space on the floor. Visually, such a grid on the floor strongly reveals the full surface used for the sculpture itself. The grid will also be used for the construction of the visual work done on the aeration section on all these trapezoidal constructions along the building and inside the perimeter of the grid on the floor.

[Gate] Stainless steel, 5×5.5×5.5m
[Intake and exhaust tower] Stainless steel (Stripe parts) / Aluminum panel (wall exterior), 60m
[Floor] Zimbabwe black (black) / granite (white), Total area of 1600m2


Photo by Daishi Saito