Asian Women Artists Series No.3 – ruach by ium


Asian Women Artists Series No.3 - ruach
Place: fujikawa gallery/next, Osaka, Japan




ium, a Korean contemporary female artist, showed a new sound installation “ruach” and a new video work “ruach” in this exhibition. Also she did her performance at the opening reception.

“ruach” means wind, breath, and sprit in Hebrew. ium expresses “ruach” by her voice. Her voice starts from the small gentle breath and reach to the state like strong wind. 6 voice sound tracks is installed separately and mixed together in the air. Even more the audience’s breath is composed as one of the sound track and go through with other 6 sounds. As a result, between ium and the audience, the spiritual communication is born. ium as a medium has been doing the sensual performance. In her works, the impulse of primitive sprit has been represented consistently.