Asian Women Artists Series No.4 – “Rainbow” by Xiong Wen Yun


Asian Women Artists Series No.4 - "Rainbow"
Place: fujikawa gallery/next, Osaka, Japan


Xiong Wen Yun


Xiong Wen Yun, a Chinese contemporary female artist, showed works from the project of “Rainbow” in the Tibet and new works from her new project “Kong Kong” in this exhibition.

Xiong Wen Yun is an artist of color. After making series of colorful figurative paintings, she painted in different monochromatic color. Soon her color went out of the museums and galleries; she gave colors to streets and buildings through installation of small triangle banners.

In 1999 and 2001, she realized her project of “Rainbow” in Tibet. She organized convoy of tracks carrying the top in rainbow colors and did her performance to give desolate field rainbow colors.

Through these works, she wants to connect man with society and nature. What is important for her is to keep harmony between man and man, and man and nature. Harmony is much more important in the 21st century than fighting.